Our Story

During the ten years I lived in and around London, I met a rich network of herbalists, teachers and seeders of change. They created medicinal herb gardens, foraged on the heaths and grew organic food on disused roof space. They up-cycled and re-cycled with boundless creativity. Their focus was caring for the Earth and community. These people fuelled my imagination.

Urban Witch started life in a London suburb in 2011. A collective of holistic therapists — Hayley, Sarra, Misty and Katie (that’s me) — we ran retreats in the UK for three years combining yoga with making natural remedies, workshops on revitalising foods and getting our craft on. It was an adventure shared with awesome people, and an experience I’m enormously grateful for.

In 2014 a move to Canada’s West coast meant Urban Witch was to evolve into something new. We’ve pressed pause on our events but our mission to share knowledge of plant medicine and create healthy, sustainable communities remains.

Many centuries ago, before suffering a long campaign of persecution, witches were respected healers, teachers and central members of the community. They understood plant medicine, the interconnectedness of all life and our responsibility towards the Earth. Though repressed for hundreds of years, this ancient wisdom — shared by indigenous peoples and cultures around the world — is weaving its way through our towns and cities. No matter what your spiritual beliefs, it’s through remembering our relationship with the Earth, and working with and respecting Nature, that holds the answers to so many of the problems we face today.

On this website you’ll find interviews with plant medicine teachers and sustainability innovators, foraging tips, herbal recipes, stories and practical advice to living in balance. We’re currently working on a super slick events calendar, so you can easily find community herbalists and green groups near you.

Urban Witch will continue to evolve and grow. We welcome your comments and feedback at info@urban-witch.com.