Big Up the Winter Solstice

The festive season is in full swing and we’re getting ready to celebrate the winter solstice this Friday (from the wilds of West coast Canada!) The Festival of Yule celebrates the birth of light and life, the birthday of the Sun. As the longest night of the year passes, the darkness and death of winter give way to the promise of rebirth and creation.

This year the 21st December is a date of much interest with Pagans and non-Pagans alike, as the ancient prophecies of the Mayans, Hopis and other traditional peoples hit the mainstream media. While some may be retreating to bunkers fearing the end of the world looms with an apocalyptic catastrophe (totally believable if you watch the news for five minutes!), this date marks the beginning of a new world cycle, the changes of which we see happening all around us now.

My friend David Sye sums it up perfectly:

“If anything is about to die in this world, it’s the idea of how we have all lived our lives up to this point; the virtues we have upheld, the institutions 
both personally and professionally we have consciously and unconsciously supported. Now an age is upon us where everything is up for the deepest scrutiny about what is authentic and what is not, what serves our ultimate existence, happiness and personal evolutions (and what does not).

Don’t follow scriptures, don’t follow politics, don’t follow gurus, don’t follow your friends, don’t follow the world, don’t follow your family, don’t follow the lies, don’t follow anything but your own beautiful heart.”

Magical times ahead! With love for 2013 xxx