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Recipe: Winter Spice Hand & Foot Cream

December 18, 2015
Red Chillies

I’ve been experimenting with a cream to keep my hands and tootsies warm this winter. Like many women, my fingers have a tendency to turn to icicles at this time of year – particularly after hours in front of a computer.

Regular exercise, eating lots of warming foods such as curries and soups, and drinking teas throughout the day will keep the belly warm and help circulation – and this spice-infused cream (inspired by my obsession with Chai Masala tea and a James Wong recipe) promotes blood flow and warmth to the extremities. Oh, and smells divine!

Winter Spices
This recipe made just over 5 x 60ml jars.

You’ll need:
2 x chillies (I used one fresh green and one dried red)
 | 40g fresh Ginger root chopped
 | 20 Black Pepper corns
 | 20 Cloves | 
10g Frankincense resin
 | 200ml Grapeseed oil
 | 50ml Coconut oil
 | 150ml Rosewater
 | 5 tbsp beeswax
 | 10 drops Allspice, 20 drops Black Pepper and 20 drops Sweet Orange essential oils

A bain marie (double boiler) | 
Cheese cloth or sieve
 | Jug
 | Mixing bowl
 | Small saucepan
 | Whisk


  1. Place the all the spices (Chillies, Ginger, Black pepper corns, Cloves and Frankincense) with the Grapeseed oil and Coconut oil in the bain marie.
  2. Put the bain marie over a very low heat – you don’t want the oil to boil – I heated mine for 12 hours, turning the heat on and off so the oil doesn’t get too hot. Stir regularly. If you don’t have 12 hours, the spices will still infuse with the oil in less time, but the longer and more love you can give it, the more potent the end result.
  3. Next, place a sieve or cheese cloth over a jug and pour in the spicy oil from the bain marie, ensure all the solids are caught in the sieve/cheese cloth.
 Squeeze the cheese cloth to get every last drop of rich, warming oil.
  4. Wipe the bain marie to remove any bits of spice before returning the infused oil. Add the beeswax and stir continually over a low heat until all the wax has melted.
  5. In a small saucepan, heat the Rosewater over a very low heat until warm (but not hot).
  6. Transfer the oil and beeswax mixture into a bowl. Using a whisk, stir slowly as it begins to cool down and gradually add the Rosewater. The cooling mixture will start to become a rich, creamy consistency.
  7. Add your essential oils and stir in (while thinking of being toasty warm by a roaring fire!) Transfer to clean, dry jars and put the lids on only when the cream has totally cooled.
  8. Label and lavish your hands and feet with this luxurious cream.

* Add a Vitamin E capsule and the cream will last longer
** Take caution when touching sensitive areas such your eyes, as the spicy constituent in the chillies may cause irritation

Winter Spice cream

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    I too am obsessed with James Wong – quite the little spunk isn’t he? I loved his series, it is what really kickstarted me into actually pursuing herbalism as a possible career choice instead of hobby.

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